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Take your average everyday activity, like say..fueling up your car.  A good majority of us pull up, swipe our cards, fill up the tank...or half way...and go on with our day. I did just a such thing one day on my way to work. Two hours later, unbeknown to me two purchases were made at a Nordstrom about 25 miles away. 

Needless to say I was really shocked, but I was mostly angry! Here we all are struggling to earn our money and someone just walks by and takes it all away doing practically nothing. I was fortunate that my bank noticed this within hours and called to check on me and immediately canceled my card, and begin the process of refunding my money. I was incredibly lucky. This was just thieves taking my bank card and taking as much as they could. Not so much with other people. ID theft happens every minute, and at IDtheftcenter.org there are some good measures to take to minimize the risk. They've got a neat acronym for it too, SHRED. They're easy and simple to follow!

S- Strengthen passwords.

H- Handle PII with care. (Personal Identifying Information)

R- Read your credit reports annually.

E- Empty your purse or wallet. 

D- Discuss these tips with friends. 

Super Simple!

These are broken down a little more further in depth in the picture above. Stop by the site they have tons of more tips on particular situations and information on different threats. You can never be too careful, and not being a little extra careful can lead to a large amount of issues down the road.

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