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Updated Office Work Rules

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A little humor to go along with the upcoming weekend! For those of you like my self who also work weekends, keep up troopers! Here are some rules to live by at work. 

One of the best things about life, at least to me is, is definitely laughter. Doing a little research about it online shows that although everyone thinks it's very important, and a key to a great everyday life both in and out of work, it can be tricky in reality. Some people want to be taken seriously at work so they tone a sense of humor down, too much sometimes where they become overly serious and just make the environment worse. The article in Forbes linked here can give some great tips to liven up the work place. How bosses here are pretty funny guys not afraid to joke around and make us feel comfortable.  I'm thinking humorous quotes and or jokes of the day from now on!

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