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The Tale of Steven, the Customer

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Working in retail, as anybody working in the field will tell you, is non stop trial of patience. I don't have any particularly bad horror stories, just a few unpleasant ones. There are however, some very pleasant ones that always stand out to me more than the bad ones. My online talk with Steven, is one of such stories.

I had a coworker share funny dialogue between a customer service rep from Amazon and a customer regarding a lost package. It came out to them both speaking to each other as the God Odin and his son Thor, the comments that followed were incredibly positive regarding the customer service from Amazon. Call it cliche or maybe even over played, but we strive for awesome customer service here too. 

Steve had one of his item go missing in shipping, so he contacted us regarding the matter. We did what we could tracking down the item with no luck from the carrier, so we reshipped another item to him. Sure enough that one didn't make it either. At this point I started to worry a little as we have little power over the routes and time after we ship a package. We shipped a third item to him, which on our mistake (which is rare ;p ) was the wrong pot. On the fourth try, despite pretty bad conditions at the time, the item made it to its new home!

What really wowed me about Steven was his incredibly funny and positive attitude regarding the issue. Here are some of his responses to my emails apologizing for the situation. 

"Thank you for hanging in there. By now there should be an office pool where you work betting on what date, if any, this
strangely elusive item should arrive. Maybe it's God's way of telling me not to eat any more stew. I'll be in touch!"

"I'm going to forward this entire thread to Tim Burton. I can't wait to see how it ends! Don't forget to shoot me a shipping label for the return please. Looking out my window, I recommend putting it in a waterproof zip-lock bag and writing the address in crayon. You keep your head up, its really not a big deal."


And of course, the picture above was our last message. It was a hassle, a rare one, to have had so much trouble getting that one little pot to him but he was such a pleasure to deal with. No doubt just like the conversation my coworker shared with me earlier in the week. These situations stand out more to me than the unpleasant experiences ever will. I am very fortunate to have had the pleasure to have gotten such a fun costumer like Steven.

 Enjoy your stew Steve!

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