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Le Grill? What the heck is Le Grill?


I could never set up Le Grill quite like Homer did. That's why I get my grill and grilling supplies at IcyDeals! :)

All jokes aside, here at headquarters we're looking forward to this Memorial Day Weekend! Not only do we have an additional 20% percent off your whole order we, as always offer free domestic shipping with your order! 

In order to write up about the sale going on this week, I looked up some tidbits on this holiday. Having been born and raised in the country side of Mexico, there are still a lot of American holidays that I know little of. For example, Memorial Day started off known as Decoration Day, a day to decorate the graves of those who died in the wars according to the Office of Public and Intergovernmental Affairs' website. 

Timeanddate.com states that the day has become less of a day of remembrance and more of a day for families to go out on the weekend and hold family gatherings. It also kicks off the start of many summer activities. I'm thoroughly enjoying writing about the holidays we observe and getting to find all these teed-bits regarding our history with Holidays. I also can't believe

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