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Show of hands, who has kept their New Year's resolutions? 

Jokes on you I made none to avoid the mistake of not keeping one! You should see the smug look on my face...as it turns to shame, ha ha. June has already begun and we have already reached half a year! How unthinkable, I honestly feel that the older I get the faster time moves. When it comes to personal goals or projects I tend to procrastinate, its a terrible problem that in school also was a problem..I was sure there was a point to that. I suppose it can also be one of the reasons why I cannot keep new year's resolutions and why I'm still the same weight I was in January! Never the less if you at least tried at the start of the year, then at least you tried! Unlike who didn't bother to set  the goal in the first place. 

In June we'll be having Father's day and here at IcyDeals we have plenty of things for the dad or the father figure in everyone's life.  We have plenty of items in the outdoors section for the men who like to spend their time outside, and plenty of indoor items too, like our Couch Buddy, for keeping your items organized on your recliners and sofas. BBQ items galore and kitchen and home items as well. We always offer free shipping to the domestic states and have some of the lowest prices out there! 

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