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Head's Up! Mother's Day is Coming!

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Head's up, some of the most important women in our lives are mother,s and their day is coming up! May 10th is mother's day, and here at IcyDeals we're ready to thank all the wonderful women that are mother's as well. We'll have specific items we think you might love to give out as a gift, special coupons and sales.

I love the quote above, I once used it in a card I made for a friend of mine who was having her first child. It is an interesting thing to consider, since many of us have some sort of maternal instinct in us, but not all of us are mothers. I found it to be fitting since a mother is born a long with that first child. It's a lovely thought to consider for the first time mothers. 

As those who are of Latino origin may know it's a good thing this year we won't struggle to pick a day, at least we kind of do. May 10th is mother's day for those of us form Mexico, same day every year. Here in the USA, however, Mother's Day Falls in the second Sunday of May. For those in the Latino community do you celebrate one day over the other? Both? In my family this year it will not be a tough decision, they fall on the same day!

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