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Best Shopping Advice I Was Ever Given

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According to laws of life we're suppose to become more financially responsible as we grow older. I recall how, despite a small allowance at the time, in High School I was able to save up enough each week and by the holidays I was able to afford gifts for family members. I'm about seven years out of high school and that concept escapes me so often it's ridiculous! With the ability to online shop now it gets a bit tough to save for me now. 

I work at a discount department store when I'm not here full time, and there was an occasion when an kind lady was speaking to me regarding  her shopping. When she decided to leave something behind, she turned to me and said "If you have to convince yourself to buy it, Don't. " It seems like common sense but for whatever reason it really stuck to me at the time. It is a simple concept, and I didn't realize how much I did this my self. If I know I want something but can't afford it, its easy to say no. I have found my self more often than not trying to convince my self a lot as to why I should get something and this is where it always snaps back into my head. Why are you wasting your money on something you have to argue with your self about, it is not  necessity and you're not even sure of it. This has saved me quite a few bucks when I'm out window shopping. I hope it helps anyone else out there who's often caught in these situations when out shopping. 

Couple of other tips just out of things I tend to do, if I must purchase something online, I always check retailmenot.com online. They have a few select coupons and often for the store I'm purchasing from, I try a couple to see if I can save a little extra here and there. Sometimes I don't find anything, but doesn't hurt to try at all! If I'm grocery shopping, stick to the list, and avoid taking my debit card so I can't possibly go over the set amount. I highly recommend figuring out your needs vs wants. There are a lot of wants that I do NOT need.

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