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A Little History

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Good Monday Everyone!

Here at IcyDeals we are continuing our sale leading up to Mother's day. Interested on what started the national holiday for Mother's Day, I did a quick search into when we officially began celebrating the holiday. Anna Jarvis is the woman who conceived the holiday. Originally she wanted it to be a a day when families would take a personal holiday to celebrate with mothers everywhere. She wanted the holiday to honor a mother's sacrifice for their family, and gathered enough backing  and in May 1908  held the first celebration. The success of the celebration helped her resolve to make it a national holiday. Starting a campaign to support her cause by 1912 many places had adopted the celebration and by 1914 President Woodrow Wilson officially established the holiday to be held on the second Sunday of May. 

It is interesting to note that despite all her efforts to bring the holiday to a national level, when it took off and other began profiting from it, she quickly became upset with the holiday's commercialization. She outwardly began campaigning against people who profited from the holiday. 

According to History.com, where all this lovely info is gathered, "More phone calls are made on Mother's Day than any other day of the year. These Holiday chats with Mom often cause phone traffic to spike by as much as 37 percent." Although her distaste for the materialism and monetary value that developed from the holiday, any holiday for that matter, is understandable, I think as long as we take a little time off a year to thank our mothers is worth it. Sometimes we're all so busy that we need a holiday as an excuse to make the time. More good than bad,

For more detailed info on Mother's Day's History stop by History's page

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