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Best of Luck Niki!

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We had a wonderful woman have her last day with us today and  we threw her a going away lunch! Niki is a beautiful, smart and regal woman. She always carries her self with grace and she has one of the most beautiful accents I've ever heard by the way! She was a pleasure to work with and will be greatly missed! We wish her all the best and thank her for her diligent work here everyday. (She is the lovely woman in the center picture to the right.)

Best of Luck!

iPhones? iSee Great Deals! Limited Time Product

Always in style and always in, the iPhone is as popular as ever. The iPhone 5S is one of the most recent models and has a ton of features you can't miss. With an 4 inch screen and 8 Megapixel iSight camera capture all those moments you love and share across all your favorite media [...]

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Cretaceous Park

Did you know that the majority of the Dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park films were all largely from the Cretaceous period rather than the Jurassic one? Yep, I'm going to be that person! Like a few of my coworkers, I was incredibly excited for this weekend's premiere of the Jurassic World. Like many of the movie [...]

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June Events

Show of hands, who has kept their New Year's resolutions? Jokes on you I made none to avoid the mistake of not keeping one! You should see the smug look on my face...as it turns to shame, ha ha. June has already begun and we have already reached half a year! How unthinkable, I honestly feel that [...]

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Notice: Weekend Ahead

In retrospect some good humor and a weekend ahead post would have been great for the long weekend. How many got a day off for Memorial Day? A three day weekend? Well for those that work on weekdays and their job observes the holiday only of course! Having worked retail I know THAT feeling, of [...]

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Le Grill? What the heck is Le Grill?

I could never set up Le Grill quite like Homer did. That's why I get my grill and grilling supplies at IcyDeals! :)All jokes aside, here at headquarters we're looking forward to this Memorial Day Weekend! Not only do we have an additional 20% percent off your whole order we, as always offer free domestic [...]

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Who else is you?

Take your average everyday activity, like say..fueling up your car.  A good majority of us pull up, swipe our cards, fill up the tank...or half way...and go on with our day. I did just a such thing one day on my way to work. Two hours later, unbeknown to me two purchases were made at [...]

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Updated Office Work Rules

A little humor to go along with the upcoming weekend! For those of you like my self who also work weekends, keep up troopers! Here are some rules to live by at work. One of the best things about life, at least to me is, is definitely laughter. Doing a little research about it online shows [...]

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Best Shopping Advice I Was Ever Given

According to laws of life we're suppose to become more financially responsible as we grow older. I recall how, despite a small allowance at the time, in High School I was able to save up enough each week and by the holidays I was able to afford gifts for family members. I'm about seven years [...]

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The Tale of Steven, the Customer

Working in retail, as anybody working in the field will tell you, is non stop trial of patience. I don't have any particularly bad horror stories, just a few unpleasant ones. There are however, some very pleasant ones that always stand out to me more than the bad ones. My online talk with Steven, is [...]

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